You can select form three types of FT150 series depending on the required sample applications. The standard spectrometer configuration allows you to analyse (as example): - electrical components, such as PCB, FPC, micro connector, lead frame etc. - chip component electrodes - general analytics for almost all other kind of samples and coating stacks. The types FT150 and FT150L enable especially the measurement of ultra thin coatings, such as Ni/Pd/Au from PCB connectors by polycapillary optics and an improved high-sensitive 50mm2 SDD detector. Two sizes of sample chamber and stage can be selected to accommodate standard (FT150) or large samples (FT150L). The FT150h using the new poly-capillary system enables the precise investigation of Sn and Ni layers in ceramic chip components by a simultaneous measurement, which is very difficult using conventional capillary or collimator optics. All three configurations have in common that the use of polycapillary optics and a high throughput SDD

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