Speed Bulb® speed rivets

The GESIPA® Speed Bulb® is designed for high and dynamic loads


Up to 60 rivets per minute! – Endorsed by major customers! GESIPA® speed rivets are a cost-effective alternative to automation. Speed rivet technology is a joining method that requires access from only one side and which enables fast cycle times thanks to the preloaded rivets and automatic feed. Advantages of the Speed Bulb® • Optimally adapted to specific grip range • Distinct bulb formation — High grip force — High pulling force • For higher loads • Ideally suited for transmitting shear and tensile forces • Ideal for: — Higher dynamic loads — Sheet metal structures — Electrical devices — White goods

Fasteners, metal
  • Gesipa
  • Blind riveting
  • speed rivet

Product features

Material alu, stainless steel, monel

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