Products in the reproductive product line are intended for men and women at various stages in their lives. It has undergone 12 clinical studies. Increases the probability of conception by 15 %. Improves semen-analysis (spermogram). indicators increases the share of sperm with progressive motility by 49.3 %, increases sperm motility by 86.3 %, increases sperm concentration by 43.2 %, improves sperm morphology. May be used in preparation for IVF. More affordable than its foreign analogues.

Pharmaceutical products
  • Speroton
  • Male Fertility Medicine
  • Sperm Booster
  • Sperm Increaser

Product features

L-carnitine 750 mg (250% of the RDA)
Zinc 21 mg (140% of the RDA)
Vitamin Е 30 mg (300% of the RDA)
Vitamin В9 (folic acid) 400 mcg (200% of the RDA)
Selenium 70 mcg (100% of the RDA)
Presentation 30 sachets of 5 g each.


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