Spindle - RSC modular system

Speed 16.000 - 100.000 rpm


The coupling The coupling is the heart of the system and is always part of the equipment. It receives the spindle packages and combines them with a connection or deflection. The coupling also enables the system to be supplied with compressed air from the side. The deflection Depending on the application, the system can be made rigid or radially deflected. The deflection unit is mounted in only a few steps between the coupling and connection and immediately converts the rigid system to a flexible system. The deflection force can be adjusted using the adjusting ring between approximately 15 and 120 Newton. The attachments We have the perfect attachments in our programme for many applications. For the machining centres we offer the standard machine tools attachments such as HSK and SK and a Weldon adapter. These mountings also enable compressed air supply through the coolant channel. Universal adapters are available for stationary mounting or mounting to a robot.

Broaches - machine tools

Product features

Drive mechanism vane motor
Other characteristics high-speed,for robots

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