Spiral hose without connections, Nylon, Hose 11.8x9.5,...

Spiral hose, without fittings


Article number: 113395 Type number: SP 12 EAN code: 4047322165747 Spiral hose without connections, Nylon 11 PA, Operating temp. max. 100 C, Hose 11.8x9.5, PN at 23 C max. 11 bar, Length 22.5 m. These hoses allow gaseous and liquid media to flow safely and efficiently (Air, gases, oils, greases, fuels, organic and inorganic substances). Thanks to their small coil diameter, they are compact, easy to handle and lightweight. Very good recoil force owing to the use of nylon 11 (PA).

Product features

Packaging Unit 1
Quantity min 1
Coil O.D. 140 mm
Hose size 11.8x9.5 mm
Max. operating pressure at 23 C 11 bar
Max. operating temperature 100 C
Min. operating temperature -40 C
No. of coils 70
Page No. HK630
Service length max. 22.5 m

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