Arubis cleaning balls are the key to a durable and ecological tube cleaning system. The sponge texture ensures a full cleaning of every type of tube material. They are often used to clean debris in pipes or tubes in the cement industry, thanks to the versatile use of any type of liquid. Industry use Rubber sponge balls are commonly used in the food industry such as the wine industry to clean wine hoses. Often times they are used in the cement industry. Thanks to the resistance to chemicals these balls are one of the most durable ways to clean the concrete out of any sort of tubing. How to use Arubis sponge cleaning balls The true asset of using sponge cleaning balls is how easy and simple the process is. Compress one of multiple rubber balls in the hose and add water pressure to make the ball travel the rubber tube and clean it. This procedure can be repeated as much as necessary. The durability of sponge rubber balls Arubis produces the best type of rubber sponge balls with an...

  • Natural Rubber (NR)

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