M22 P HVLP delivers a very high finish quality for low viscosity material and optimizes transfer efficiency with an outstanding operator comfort. Description One of the best transfer efficiencies (up to 75%) Outstanding atomization quality for low to medium viscosity material Improved operator comfort especially when used with our new hoses ► For configurations and part numbers, please refer to the Documents tab. Performance Very fine atomization for low to medium viscosity material Reduced overspray and perfectly balanced fan Light and easy to handle gun especially when used with our new hoses (lightest and one of the most flexible on the market) Productivity Ergonomic due to a very comfortable body design EZ-Adjust aircap for easy rotation adjustment Reduced trigger effort due to its in-line air valve One of the lightest manual spray guns in its category & perfectly balanced: reducing repetitive strain injuries (RSI) Large range of projectors (aircap + nozzle + needle) &..

Product features

Maximum Fluid Pressure 6 (87) bar (psi)
Maximum Fluid Outlet 400 (14) cc/min (oz/min)
Minimum Fluid Outlet 200 (7) cc/min (oz/min)
Maximum Air Pressure 6 (87) bar (psi)
Recommended Air Pressure (min) 2 (29) bar (psi)
Air Consumption 23 - 33 (13.5 - 19.4) m3/h (cfm)
Transfer Efficiency 75 %
Maximum Fluid Temperature 50 (122) °C (°F)
Air Inlet M 1/4
Fluid Inlet M 3/8
Wetted Parts, Stainless Steel
Weight 520 (18.3) g (oz)
PH 5 - 8
Tips / Nozzle

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