This universal automatic low pressure spray gun is recommended for a wide range of applications. It is the perfect answer to challenging needs like high production rates or high viscosity material spraying. Description Answers to high production Airspray rates Ideal for high precision & small output applications Designed for high viscosity materials ► For configurations & part numbers, please refer to the Documents tab. Performance Index knob adjustments of fluid output allows for precise output accuracy Fan width control delivers a high quality finish & fan pattern optimization Precise machining of aircap delivers rigid fan control Productivity A reduced overspray allows a fast ROI (Return on Investment) for products savings A 0-90° indexed aircap enables easy & fast re-adjustment of fan pattern Easy mounting & assembly for a reduced downtime Side output for easy serial mounting on automatic systems Sustainability Guaranteed needle sealing by self-adjusting

Product features

Maximum Fluid Pressure 6 (87) bar (psi)
Maximum Fluid Outlet 400 (14) cc/min (oz/min)
Minimum Fluid Outlet 150 (5.3) cc/min (cc/oz)
Maximum Air Pressure 6 (87) bar (psi)
Recommended Atomization Air Pressure 4 (58) bar (psi)
Air Consumption 34 (20) m3/h (cfm)
Weight 585 (20.6) g (oz)
Trigger Air Pressure 3 (43.5) bar (psi)
Maximum Fluid Temperature 50 (122) °C (°F)
PH 5-8
Aluminum Body
Stainless Steel, Aluminum Wetted Parts
Power Supply on Gun (hoses)
Fluid Inlet M 3/8
Atomizing Air with Quick Fittings
Pilot Air with Quick Fittings

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