The new version of the automatic Airmix® spray gun ensures high level performance with unsurpassed finish & excellent atomization quality. Description High transfer efficiency (up to 86%*) Excellent atomization quality Modular design & high reliability Performance Dual spring mounted outside fluid passage allows you to open air before atomizing fluid for better spray fan quality VX24 (adjustable spray) or VX124 (fix spray) and a large offering of fine finish and Xtra™ fine finish spray tips Extreme film buid accuracy and tolerance Productivity Easy assembly and disassembly - (4 bolts) for easy servicing Circulation in the base enables less pressure loss in circulation system Circulation in the gun offers a quicker and better flushing with limited volume of solvent sprayed into the machine or spray booth Sustainability Wetted parts are stainless steel, treated stainless steel & rulon for better durability Extented lifetime with most coatings An automatic spraygun compati

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