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Nanogun-MX® Manual Electrostatic Airmix®  - SAMES KREMLIN


NANOGUN-MX® Manual Electrostatic Airmix® gun for applying solvent-based materials. Description Airmix® technology for productivity and outstanding transfer efficiency of 93% Electrostatic charge delivers more paint savings Lightweight and ergonomically design Performance Outstanding performance with high productivity Single setting knob with adjustable flat spray provides great versatility & a higher transfer rate with excellent finish quality Excellent wrap-around effect Productivity Enhanced ergonomics for increased operator comfort GNM 6080 control module is user-friendly & easy to maintain Features advanced corrective & preventive maintenance reminders Significant paint & air savings Suitable for high to low paint flow rates Sustainability Quality of selected components ensures reliability Better transfer rate provides less waste The NANOGUN-MX® Manual electrostatic Airmix® spray gun gathers all the SAMES KREMLIN skills and knowledge for spraying liquid paints

Product features

Maximum Fluid Pressure 200 bar (psi)
Recommended Fluid Pressure 50-120/90-200 (720-1740/1300-2900) bar (psi)
Maximum Air Pressure 7 (101) bar (psi)
Recommended Air Pressure (min) 5 (72) bar (psi)
Transfer Efficiency 93 %
Maximum Fluid Temperature 40 (104) °C (°F)
Weight 670 (23.6) g (oz)
Recommended Material Viscosity Range 20-120 s CA4

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