REA JET spray mark technology blocks - large character coding and marking, even with high-viscosity paints and inks we design complete spray mark blocks, incorporating REA JET ST spray mark heads for alphanumeric, codes with print heights up to 700 mm for control and text entry, we use, among other things, the tested controllers and input terminals from the large character ink jet printer family of products the spray mark technology blocks for alphanumeric coding and marking reflect REA JET's guiding design principle of modularity, so that customizations can be made as quickly as possible different nozzle sizes and modules for coding and marking, coding and marking with low- and high-viscous media hot mark paints, temper paints, abrasive media, paints, inks, lacquers, primers, oils, adhesives, resins, separating agents, soaps, and many more 3 Model Types (launch in preparation) Type: SRP-7 to -32 (25 - 700mm print height) Alphanumeric coding and marking up to 50 m/min, even with an

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