Spray and spit nozzles

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Spray and spit nozzles Variety, precision, flexibility: the right solution for every spray task Uniform precision No matter if thin films are to be applied evenly or the smallest lubrication points need to be met with precision – we have the right spray nozzle for you. We have the right solution for all of your application tasks: from a spare part through to an individual standalone configuration to meet your requirements. Features & benefits • Infinitely variable, precise control (spray interval, pressure) • Pneumatic or electric control • Low mist nozzle caps for flat or round spraying • Self-cleaning Design versions and details Spray nozzle SD 16: precision application of fluid media The SD 16 ensures you are able to apply the thinnest films of media such as low-viscosity oils and release agents with precision. For example, the pneumatically controlled, compact nozzle can be integrated directly in a forming tool to facilitate targeted, practically mist-free wetting. Depending o

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