Spray walls and spray booths with dry separation via cartons. For lower utilisation times or overspray quantities RES dry spray booth For lower utilisation times or smaller overspray quantities, spray systems with dry separation offer a meaningful alternative to water-sprinkled systems. The Rippert modular spraying system type RES enables individual adaptation to the respective case of need. The filter system of the RES dry spray wall consists of individual square cardboard boxes. A sheet metal frame serves as a support structure for the filter box. In order to save costs, there is a possibility to vary the individual filter boxes in the spray booth, without exchanging all of the filter elements. Function The overspray is caught by the exhaust air stream and fed to the filter. The solids are filtered out here, while the cleaned exhaust air is blown out into the open air by the fan. Versions The basic version consists of a wall with a two-fold filter stage. Paper filter boxes form the first filter stage. A glass fibre fine filter arranged directly behind it represents the second filter stage. The attached radial fan is equipped with spark protection in the suction nozzle as well as an explosion-proof motor. The spray booth can additionally be equipped with removable or fixed side and ceiling panels. The RES dry spray booth is available in galvanised sheet metal or in stainless steel. Advantages Cleaning / maintenance The spray wall is designed such that the filter elements can be exchanged with little effort in a very short time. Once it is saturated, the filter box is removed from the sheet metal frame and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.


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