Spray lubrication

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Eckardt Umformtechnik GmbH Contact-free lubrication Flexible & clean application Our spray systems apply oils and release agents fully contact-free. Making use of this method you guarantee the medium is applied cleanly and evenly, which allows you to act flexibly if not all areas of a material are to be lubricated uniformly. One huge advantage of our spray systems is their extremely fast changeover times to use different grades of oils. Oil/release agent storage; manual and fully automatic control and monitoring of the spray process. We offer our customers a wide range of options. Features & benefits • Minimum setup times when changing spray medium • Different spray nozzles available • Suitable for all fluid media and numerous oil grades Individual solutions for all application purposes EOS systems are perfectly designed to meet the needs of industry to apply oils and release agents. They are solidly built and exceptionally easy to maintain; they reliably and precisely control

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