Spreader Rollers - Type ST (Sensitive Treatment)

Type ST 100/130-SI


Type ST is the all-rounder with special properties. It offers best protection of any material with its individual spreading elements evenly distributed in circumference and length and the optimal coverage of the roller surface due to this. The optimal spreading result is achieved starting at a material thickness of 4 μm or a weight of 10 gr/m². Sensitive web edges are also guided securely, without folding. The bigger version of type ST ist also available in silicone in compliance with FDA regulations.

  • cylinder rollers

Product features

outer diameter 130 mm
Layout spreading elements offset
Application All webs as of 4 μm or 10 gr/m²
Speed up to 500 m/min
Additional weight 2.4 kg per metre
FDA compliant material up to 190°C silicone grey 60 +/- 5 Shore

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