These are the finest grade of oil cups. the wick acts as a self starting syphon and delivers a slow and steady supply of oil. It functions as a filter and only clean oil is delivered to the bearings. The nipple is made from hexagonal bar steel. The thread on the nipple allows it to screw properly to the hexagonal shoulder, thus getting a lock grip which does not shake loose. The elbow oilers are engineered using the finest raw material that provides them spectacular durability. These are manufactured in accordance with international standards of quality. Item Code No.Thread Specification ABM-LP-118203/16” - 32 TPI ABM-LP-118211/4” - 32 TPI ABM-LP-118223/8” - 24 TPI ABM-LP-118231/8” BSP ABM-LP-118247/16” - 24 TPI ABM-LP-118255/16” - 32 TPI ABM-LP-118261/2” - 24 TPI

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