The Compact Line includes spring-pressure single-disc brakes that can be mounted as complete units to the motor with very little assembly work. The compact design is of advantage when limited space complicates mounting. Electromagnetically-operated spring-applied brakes build up the braking torque when the current is switched off.

Brakes, servo-brakes and accessories
  • spring-applied brake
  • electromagnetic brake
  • spring-applied single-disc brake

Product features

Rated Torque 1 Nm (76 13106H00); 8 Nm (76 13113A00)
Standard rated voltages 24 V DC, 230 V AC, 50 Hz (76 13106H00); 24 V, 102 V, 178 V, 205 V DC (76 13113A00)
Protection IP 00 (76 13106H00); IP 54 (76 13113A00)
Thermal class F
Accessories (options) mounting screws, flange (76 13113A00)

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