Spring-applied brake - Servo Line

Spring-applied single-disc brake for servo motors


The spring-applied single-disc brakes in the Servo Line series are designed to operate dry. They can be mounted to the A-face or B-face end shield inside the servo motor. The braking action generated by the compression springs is neutralized by applying the electromagnetic principle involving generation of a magnetic field. The brakes engage in unpowered condition and release when DC voltage is applied. The brakes are equipped with a flange and firmly fastened with screws. Thanks to a specially developed and patented manufacturing method, the rated air gap tolerance can be reduced to a few hundredths of a millimetre, providing enhanced power. Moreover, the brakes have a toothed hub/friction disc connection with minimal circumferential backlash. Standard version is suitable for flange mounting and face mounting.

Brakes, servo-brakes and accessories
  • spring-applied brake
  • electromagnetic brake
  • servo brake

Product features

Minimum holding torques 0.3 to 130 Nm
Standard rated voltage 24VDC (±10%) and 20°C
Protection IP 00
Thermal class F
Ambient temperature -15°C to 120°C
Duty cycle 100%
Options Keyway to DIN 6885

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