Spring-applied-brakes - INTORQ BFK470

Providing perfect protection and versatility


Whenever the going gets tough, our BFK470 spring-applied brakes promise reliable performance. We have designed this IP66-sealed product line especially for dusty or humid operating conditions – such as wind power or crane facilities. Even extreme temperatures don't bother these brakes. They feature consistent protection and a unique modularity. You benefit from optimal versatility by using components which are freely configurable with each other. In other words, you get many variation options, all with rapid delivery times.

Brakes, servo-brakes and accessories

Product features

Braking torque range 2 Nm to 370 Nm
Voltages 24 to 205 V
Temperature class F (155°C)
Protection Class IP66
Corrosion protection C3 optional C4/C5

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