This nonferrous grand prize winning brass adjustment gear assembly is a key component in commercial underground pop-up irrigation sprinklers. The assembly weighs 5.4 grams and has a typical density of 7.6 grams/cc, a minimum yield strength of 13,000 psi (90Mpa) and a 14% elongation. The design consists of a serrated flange assembled to an 18 tooth gear hub and then sintered to achieve a strong bond. The material composition of the two parts is engineered to provide shrink characteristics that assist the sinter-bonding. Critical tolerances on the gear include a diametral pitch of 64, a 25 degree pressure angle, a total composite tolerance of .006”, a tooth to tooth composite of .0025” and concentricity of .002” to the stepped inside diameter. The design allows on-site adjustment to regulate the pattern and dispersion of water and the rotation of the sprinkler head. ** Ask for more **

Sintering - steels and metals
  • Irrigation and Turf Equipment
  • Powdered metal brass adjustment gear assembly
  • Components for commercial pop-up sprinklers

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