Sprinkler semi-trailer LKT-P

5600.00€ HT


Sprinkler equipment LKT-P is intended for pavement washing and watering, plant and lawn irrigation and, in the presence of fire extinguishing system, for various small fires suppression. Sprinkler semi-trailer has a filter which prevents pump clogging. Tank is filled through upper hatch and, in the presence of self-suction system, directly from a water basin. Water is filtered upon suction. Advantages of LKT-P semi-trailer: - Price – product comes directly from its manufacturer; - Quality – imported pump and components, full metal front mounting, PVC hoses provide high flexibility and more stable cold tolerance in comparison with standard hoses; - Customer - specific manufacturing; - Warranty – fast repair and maintenance; - Tank is painted with high quality PPG (USA) painting materials, that provide solidity, durability and high corrosion stability; - Manufacturing quality control at all stages; - Tank metal thickness – 4 mm; - Flexible discount system for bulk purchasers.

Trailers, tank
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  • watering systems
  • semi-trailers

Product features

Dimensions: length * width * height 3 500 mm* 2 200 mm * 2 300 mm
Dimensions: length with tractor 7 600 mm
Tank capacity 3,5 m3
Weight 1 600 kg
Operating water pressure 6 atm.
Total weight 1 600 kg
Operating irrigation speed 12-25 km/h
Operating washing speed 10-15 km/h
Maximum irrigation width 16 m
Maximum washing width 5 m
Transportation speed 25 km/h
Clearance 280 mm
Number of maintenance personnel 1 person

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