Spur Gearbox E-S80-0-DM

Customized Spur Gear for the Energy Sector


Drive which is used in switching devices to interrupt the power supply – for example for repairs. In the case of power failure, the gearbox can be decoupled mechanically by using an attachable hand crank. Technical data — Gearbox transmission ratio i = 627:1 or 1379:1 — Max. output torque 180 Nm at 10.000 switching operations — Manual operation at the output stage, gearbox is mechanically unlocked — Housing parts made out of aluminium — suitable with motor voltage: 24 V DC, 48 V DC, 60 V DC, 110 V DC, 220 V DC Your bene ts — Largest gear ratios in the smallest installation space — Splined motor shaft for direct mounting — DC motors with different voltage ratings — Minimal maintenance costs — Reliable (functional after one year downtime)

Reducing gears, hydraulic
  • spur gear
  • spur gearbox
  • spur drive

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