Square copper braids made from copper and copper alloys

Extremely flexible and compact conductors for carbon brushes and connectors


Compact braided square and rectangular copper flexibles made from Cu-ETP1, Cu-OF1 and LEONI Histral® alloys (upon request) in bare, tin-plated or silver-plated. Single-wire diameter ranging from Ø 0.05 mm to Ø 0.20 mm. Cross-section ranging from 0.47 mm² to 50 mm² (further dimensions upon request). Square copper braids require less space in comparison to round copper braids with the same cross-section. There is a precise positioning owing to square or rectangular shape, which allows for failure-free and fully automated downstream manufacture. Squre or rectangular copper braids are characterised by very good Flex life, being absolute free from twist, a compact cutting surface, a very high degree of dimensional accuracy and a very long lifetime. Compact braided square and rectangular copper flexibles are particularly suitable for applications in carbon brushes industry, connection technology, switches and aviation industry.

Wires and cables - non-ferrous metal
  • flexibility
  • less space requirement
  • precise positioning

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