Squeeze-on lubricators

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Squeeze-on lubricators Maximum efficiency and the highest levels of flexibility Particularly rugged & and long-lasting The ROTOL squeeze-on roller system is a lubricator developed exclusively in house by Eckardt. This is an exceptionally rugged, long- lasting lubricating machine designed to apply lubricant in precisely defined film thicknesses over an entire surface. Thanks to the ROTOL calender rollers our squeeze-on lubricators achieve very high pressures. Thinnest, homogeneous film thicknesses possible. Features & benefits • Far longer service life in comparison with conventional felt rollers • Works with all pumpable lubricants • Achieves thinnest, homogeneous film thicknesses • Very high viscosities possible • Rugged ROTOL calender roller made of non woven material • Practically impervious to mechanical damage • Lubrication media is retained on the surface of the roller; no premature wear resulting from being drawn in How it works Fleece rollers remove cleaning liquid, fo

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