Sri Lanka black Peppercorns [500GL + 550GL pepper]


Black Pepper 500GL Sri Lanka Country of origin: Sri Lanka | 500GL Black Pepper Black pepper is mostly consuming spice in the word as a substitute for chilies. In Sri Lanka, you will find the best quality black pepper with the piperine content 2-6 fold higher than other countries. Therefore, we identify Sri Lankan black pepper as the world`s best black pepper with tons of health benefits. Further, this is the second grade of black pepper after 550GL black pepper grade in the market. And also, we are supplying 500-600 rang GL sizes black pepper in the market. We use natural sun-dry method and machine clean system for all our black peppers. in addition, harvesting after 7-8 months of maturity time, and this Black Pepper 500GL grade has a uniform attractive black color. Generally, we found a lot of health benefits from black pepper. For example, prevent cancer, eases digestion, relieves cold and cough, weight loss, and much more.

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10250 Nugegoda - Sri Lanka


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