Siempelkamp also has the appropriate concepts for stacking the cut and sanded products. The stacking procedure that's best for how the stack is to be used may be selected from the dierent stacking systems and adapted to the demands being made on the nished product by the customer. Siempelkamp's stacking stations provide solutions for all types of board. High uptime and capacity are the priority here. At the same time, they give customers full exibility in regard to formats and quality grading. The stacking solutions may be extended by additional options, such as protection board handling and stacking conveyors Features and functions Stacking of 1.1. Single boards 1.2. Board packages 1.3. All board thicknesses 1.4. Widths from 4 to 10 feet 1.5. Individual lengths Stacking sorted according to type and quality Exact denition of board number in stacks or stacking height Large adjustment ranges for all stops for greatest possible production exibility

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Stack Forming
  • Forming Contiroll
  • Siempelkamp Forming
  • Forming Machines


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