UNS NO8904, commonly known as 904L stainless steel, is a low carbon austenitic nickel-chromium stainless steel with additions of molybdenum and copper. 904L pipes, 904L sheets and plates and other 904L product forms products are mainly used where the corrosion resistant properties of 316L and 317L are inadequate, especially in severe corrosive conditions. Due to the combination of high contents of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and copper, stainless steel 904L exhibits greater resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion and to general corrosion in reducing acids. When compared to 2205 grade duplex stainless steel, 904L has similar corrosion resistant properties but lower mechanical strength. 2205 is also a lower cost option compared to 904L, but is not suitable for temperatures above 300°C. Overall among the three grades i.e. 904L, 316L and 2205, 316L stainless steel is the lowest cost option, but offers comparatively lower corrosion resistance.

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