Stainless Steel Braided Metal Flexible Ptfe Hose

Operating temperatures: from -60 °C to +230 °C; single and two layers


A PTFE hose is a flexible pipe made of a hardened PTFE tube covered with one to two layers of stainless steel wire. PTFE makes these hoses resistant to almost all known corrosive mediums. Metal braided PTFE hoses can be used: -in pumps for pumping corrosive liquids, crude oil, gas condensate, oil water and groundwater, as well as for delivering purified water while cooling nuclear reactors; -in hydraulic systems of machines and mechanisms; -for canning corrosive substances from machines, barrels and tanks; -for supplying gas and petrol at filling stations; -for supplying gas to household gas stoves; -for supplying concrete grout, paint or varnish; -as automotive fuel hoses. Some features of high-pressure metal braided PTFE hoses include: -they can operate at a bend of up to 10 NPS (with NPS up to 15mm) or up to 20 NPS (with NPS more than 15 mm); -they are pressure-tight at 1.5 NP; -they have a 3:1 safety factor (the burst pressure is 3 times the nominal pressure).

Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic
  • teflon hose
  • high-pressure hoses
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