MSE stainless steel filter presses comply with the high hygiene and purity standards both in design and processing. With the stainless steel filter press, all components in contact with the product (with the exception of the filter plates) are covered with high-quality stainless steel. This also provides optimum protection against corrosion. FDA-COMPLIANT SOLID-LIQUID SEPARATION WITH THE MSE STAINLESS STEEL FILTER PRESS A large number of materials with different properties are used in the food sector in particular. Here, especially care must be taken to ensure that no ingredients are released into the food. The law stipulates a FDA certification for this. Accordingly, all materials used must be FDA-certified. The FDA certification stands for high purity and durability. Each component such as the filter plates, filter cloths and piping systems complies with the FDA guidelines. This contributes to high hygiene and safety requirements.

Drainage systems and equipment
  • filter press
  • sludge dewatering
  • waste water treatment

Product features

Material stainless steel
Product Features High quality design
Product Features Protection against corrosion
Product Features FDA-certified version
Product Features Long life span
Product Features Easy cleaning

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