Stainless Steel Gas Springs

Custom Stainless Steel Gas Springs From SS304,SS316
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Stainless steel gas springs are mainly used in places that are more prone to corrosion and rust than conventional environments, such as bathrooms and medical laboratories. We are specialize in manufacturing various of nitrogen filled gas spring or call it gas struts,hydraulic Dampers, Shock Absorbers. Our main products include: Compression Gas Springs/ Gas Struts/ Gas lift springs/Lift supports, Locking Gas Springs,Traction gas spring/ Tension gas springs / draught gas spring, Hydraulic Dampers, Adjustable shock absorbers, etc. These gas springs & dampers can be widely applied in the fields such as aviation, automobiles, motorcycles trunk, machinery, medical exam & treatment table, fitness equipments ,furniture, doors, cabinets, etc. Gas springs are widely used in the automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, fitness equipment, furniture, machinery and other areas. for examples: door, cabinet, window, treatment table, exam bed, trunk lid...

  • Cylinders, pneumatic
  • gas srping
  • Gas struts and jacks
  • gas dampers

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