Stainless Steel Threaded Rods


We offer MOSO® threaded rods and MOSO® part threaded ends with metric standard thread M 5 - M 42 in A2 (1.4301), in A4/A4L (1.4401/1.4404) or also in 1.4462. Lengths up to 5900 mm and larger.

Rods, threaded
  • stainless steel
  • Threaded rods
  • stainless steel threaded rods

Product features

Diameter M4 - M42
lengths up to 3000 mm are fully threaded, up to 14000 mm for partial thread on both sides (double-ended)
Materials Threaded rods A4, A2 double-ended 1.4362, 1.4462, A4, A2

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