CARBO S-1.4115 is solid wire electrode for plating and joining equal and similar ferritic Cr-steels and cast steels. Proper weldings are subject to the recommended heat treatment. The electrode is specially suitable for sealing surfaces on water-, steam- and gas-valves, especially for sulphuric gases The deposit is resistant to seawater, thin acids and scale resistant in air an oxidizing gases up to 950°C. The deposits can be tempered. Operating temperature Room temperature up to 450° C Since ferritic steels tend to embrittlement caused by coarse grain development the heat input should be as low as possible. For hardfacing on low alloyed base materials a preheating of 150^C- 350°C subject to the thickness (on materials with higher strength 350°C) should be done. Post weld treatment is not necessary but quench hardening to the desired hardness may be applied

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