Stainless Steel

Carbo T+S 4370


Solid wire electrode of type 18 8 Mn for numerous applications. Suitable for welding difficult-to-weld, crack-sensitive steels with > 0.7 % carbon content and for joint welding of and surfacing on heat resistant stainless steels and castings. Suitable for joint welding of austenitic to ferritic steels which are exposed to service temperatures of -110° above 500° C. Furthermore it can be used for welding equalizing buffer layers prior to hardfacing and for repair welding of manganese steels. Stainless, heat resistant weld metal, non-scaling up to 850° C and resistant to sulphurous waste gases at temperatures up to 500° C. The weld metal alloy is case hardening and non-magnetic Hardness after strain-hardening: approx. 340 HB

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