Stainless Steel

Carbo T+S-1.4440


Solid wire electrode for joining corrosion-proof CrNiMo steels of low carbon content as well as stabilised and non-stabilised steels of identical or similar characteristics which are resistant to chemical agents. Used on a base metal of identical characteristics the weld metal is resistant to wet corrosion up to 350° C. Scale resistant up to 875° C in an air and oxidising gases atmosphere. No intercrystalline corrosion due to low carbon content. The deposit is capable of taking high polish. Also approved for joining austenitic to ferritic steels (weld thin stringer beads) Welding wire with higher molybdenum content than for ER 316. The reduced carbon content (maximum 0.03%) offers higher resistance to inter-granular corrosion due to carbide precipitation. This welding wire offers has extreme corrosion resistance to sulfuric and sulfurous acids and their salts.

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