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Are you looking for highquality, easytohandle stainless steel carts? The Profinox team supports operators in the HORECA industry and more, with stainless steel products made to order according to customer requirements and specifications. Since 2005, we have been producing a diverse range of stainless steel carts for the HORECA industry as well as for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Whether our products were intended for a demanding field such as HORECA or simply used in industrial activities, every stainless steel cart manufactured by Profinox has been described by the customer as robust, sturdy, aesthetically impeccable and easy to handle. As with other HORECA products (stainless steel tables, cabinets, racks or washing units), the quality of our range of stainless steel carts meets the demanding standards imposed by industries for which excellence is the only benchmark. When manufacturing each stainless steel cart, we focus above all on durability.