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Stainless steel platform scales Verified by Europages badge

High-quality weighing equipment is in demand in various fields


High-quality weighing equipment made of stainless steel is in demand in various areas of the chemical, food industry, industry with a certain set of options, where anti-corrosion protection is required. Robust stainless steel platform scales with space requirements. "Line of protection" - a protection class used in specialized equipment, the indicator of which is IP 68. This model of scales is resistant to acids, moisture, dirt, alkalis. The scales are connected to an electronic terminal, which allows you to immediately record the received weight values. Another option is the presence of a rechargeable battery (accumulator), which allows the scales to work in autonomous mode. The accompanying documents indicate that weighing equipment for the processing industry is equipped with a high level of protection against aggressive media, dirt and dust.

Product information

Класс точности весов по ГОСТ OIML R 76-1-2011
средний (III)
Класс точности датчиков по ГОСТ 30129
не ниже С3
Гарантийные обязательства
12 месяцев
Средний срок службы по ГОСТ OIML R 76-1-2011
не менее 10 лет
— тензодатчиков
от - 30 до +40 °С
— весового терминала
от –10 до +40 °С
Диапазон компенсации массы тары (без уменьшения НПВ)
от 0 до 10 % от НПВ
Диапазон выборки массы тары
от 0 до 100 % от НПВ
Потребляемая мощность
не более 20 ВА