Sports shells made of high strength PVC membrane on laminated wood structure and galvanized steel, designed and built for the installation site. For this type of roofing structures, it must first be said that they are subject to static calculations and foundation works, all determined by the snow / wind stresses that the building zone provides, as required by the “D.M. March 18, 1996 – coordinated with the modifications and additions introduced by D.M. June 6, 2005 “. The static calculation is performed with the structure and its “cover”, which directly undergoes the stresses and transmits them to the supporting structure either of lamellar wood or galvanized steel. In the first case lamellar wood is used in accordance with the European standards EN 14080 and EN 1194, GL28H for curved and GL24H for straight, gluing with transparent homologated collars and protection with a coat of transparent varnish painted brush. In the second case we use instead light metal structures in Fe...

Roofs for sports facilities


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