Attempts have been made for several centuries to emphasise the natural beauty of wood more intensely by "colouration". In this tradition, ADLER has a comprehensive range of wood stains that contributes not only to the most diverse design needs and requirements but also to the most different types of wood. Should the wood look antique? Or should it look like wood from a cosy farmhouse? With pleasure. Or rather modern and futuristic? This is no issue. With products ranging from "Neoantik" to "Classic" and right up to "Style" – Austria's leading expert on wooden surfaces leaves nothing more to be desired when it comes to wood stains. Apart from aesthetic beautification, ADLER wood stains also balance out minor irregularities or different wood colour shades and allow the wood to have an elegant finish once again. ADLER wood stains thus represent a decisive contribution to the aesthetic appreciation of your furniture.

  • Solvent-Based Stains
  • Water-Based Stains
  • Stain


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