Stake Out Aids RS95 and RS96 Stake out aids RS95 and RS96 were developed specifically for setting out work on the batter boards and on the floor slab. Exact measuring of the survey point on the floor slab often causes major problems particularly in the “final phase” with the last 5-10 cm. The work is very time-consuming due to the continual side to side, backwards and forwards with the prism pole and the prism pole always has to be exactly plumb. Setting out aid RS95 or foldable setting out aid RS96 is placed on the ground and the assistant can use the measuring scales to reproduce and transfer the surveyor’s directions quickly and precisely. Makes surveying the axes on the batter boards easier For allowances on the floor slab – the last 5-10 cm especially can be measured quickly and precisely The surveyor’s dimensional data can be transferred accurately to the floor slab There is no need for precise plumbing of the prism pole Orientation scale for left and right - the number 10 corr


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