Stamped Bent Parts


Dimensions Depending on the required stamp power (material strength, material thickness, and part shape) Material All spring materials in soft and hard condition as well as quality steels with lower strengths and aluminum alloy and also special alloy Stainless steel up to 1900 N/m² Rubber-coated strip material Hardening Through external services Coating Fully or partly coated strip material In-house phosphating In-house stove-enameling Additional coatings through external services Specialities Fully automated manufacturing of components and mounting Fully automated welding Contact springs with contact rivet Bushes clinched, welded, and open Special processing like thread cutting, screw mounting, and rivets feasible Special packaging in blister pack, trays or magazines Rapid prototyping

Pipes, bent - ferrous metal
  • Bent
  • spring materials
  • stainless steel

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