The time specialist... Ideal for documentation of goods inwards, for time documentation in various ranges of administration. Date and time are set automatically. Description: Prints date, time and text Easy setting and precise action of the print wheels in day, hour and minute rhythm Calculates automatically summer and regular time changes, as well as month and year changes, including leap years Simple menu selections with the user friendly LCD-display Compact size Security features: with ChipCard and password protection ChipCard as key switch function (access authorization) Prints through up to 2–4 copies Quiet operation due to roller print Model 920 for Date Date in figures with full year, ISO date with abbreviated year Textplate of high quality plastic (Delrin) 42 x 30 mm LCD-display for date and time Print positions see sketch Document-stack up to max. 20 sheets End-lay with auto trigger included Stamping is triggered by pressing down on the document table or by end-lay with auto trigger Model 922 with full textplate As model 920 but without print head, for stamping texts, logos, signatures etc. only Model 925 for date and time As model 920 but with additional clock time printing Options: Cover lock Wall mounting bracket Foot pedal Remote control (on request)

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