The multi-talented... The REINER 880 electro-stamp combines modern design with outstanding functionality. So easy to use; so fast to print; any stamping requirement is so readily accommodated, to speed your work flow! Description: Prints line with automatic numbering, date, time and selection of texts The large textplate 62 x 40 mm permits much engraving, e.g. logos, validations and signatures Adjustable character widths, max. 35 characters per line, max. print width 60 mm Quick, easy change of textplate Simple menu selections with the user friendly LCD-display 37 stored print combinations for time, date and number, easy to select Stored texts in 16 European languages Integrated ChipCard reader You can print anywhere on an A4 document Feed of documents is variable Work thickness: max. 20 sheets of paper Prints through up to 3–4 copies Electronic imprint counter Triggering of the print action by pressure on the feed plate, or by freely positional trip-contact Options: ChipCard Identification of the user by personal ChipCard Faulty ChipCard locks the machine ChipCard to store configuration of special imprint Click & Stamp Software For transfer of individual texts and data from PC to the REINER 880 Foot pedal

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