Pump station hydraulic research stand


Stand Software provides the following: - main pipeline functioning simulation; - control of three pumping stations, gates, controllable valves, regulating the pressure at the inlet and outlet of the PS, valves; - imitation of transit dumping (pumping); - imitation of PS pumps starting and stopping process operations; - imitation of pressure regulation by reduction of the pressure developed by pumping units at each PS; - imitation of pressure control by changing the number of the pump unit revolutions at each PS; - measurement of fluid flow and pressure in all sections of the pipeline and in the pipeline-bend (dumping-pumping); - measurement of the pressure at the inlet of each PS behind and beyond the manually adjustable gate at the PS exit; - pressure measuring at the exit of each pump; - mnemocircuit of the hydraulic stand displays all parameters of the fluid flow mode (pressure, flow, state of all actuators: open / closed, on / off, position, number of revolutions, etc.).

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