RINGFEDER® Friction Springs consist of separate inner and outer mating tapered rings which stack together to form a column according to the customer’s wish. These units are repeatedly loaded 100% before delivery. Hereby the absolute functionality is ensured. Features of RINGFEDER ® Friction Springs RINGFEDER ® Friction Springs are employed in the engineering sector when high kinetic energies must be absorbed or when springs of relatively compact dimensions are required for high forces. RINGFEDER ® Friction Springs have multitude features in opposite to other damping systems: High spring work combined with low weight and volume: As RINGFEDER ® Friction Springs completely utilise the material of which they are made only a minimum of dimensions and weight are required. The decisive parameter here is therefore the spring work. High Damping Potential: The damping of RINGFEDER ® Friction Springs is standard with 66% wherewith the energy will be soon absorbed and resonances complete...


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