Stapler Rapid 105
Office staplers  - FERPLAST SNC

842.40€ HT


Narrow electric stapler for staples length 6-8 mm, stapling distance from the edge 102 mm, max. 50 sheets of 80 g/m2, can be combined up to 4 staplers for simultaneous stapling. On offer. ELECTRIC STAPLER RAPID 105 Small electric stapler for office and packaging stapling. It is possible to connect in series up to four staplers with fiber optic cables for sewing simultaneously. The staplers are controlled in succession, and therefore do not overload the power supply. The patented electronic controls and the pneumatic damping of the stroke ensures silent and smooth sequence of seams. It uses metal wire staples series 66 of 6-7-8 mm long, box of 5000 pieces.

Product features

Power supply (V) 220
Size (mm) 280x110x290
Magazine capacity 210 staples
Max seam thickness 50 sheets 
Sewing depth - distance from the edge (mm) 0-102 adjustable
Staple Rapid 66/6-8 staple
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