Star 106
Manual Vacuum Sealer  - STAR UNIVERSAL (GOSPORT) LTD


The Star 106 range of vacuum sealing machines are available in a bench mounted of free-standing format. A probe extends into the bag and evacuates the air without the need to place the product inside a vacuum chamber, so there is no limit to the maximum product length. Although predominantly used for sealing food products and electronics, special purpose machines have also been produced for the chemical and agricultural sectors. Seal lengths from 500mm to 900mm. Vacuum pumps from 3cmh to 15cmh. 230V or 115V power supply. An optional gas flush facility is available to allow the product to be packed in an inert atmosphere. Weld and cool cycle times are adjustable. Seal width 6mm as standard, other options including double welds available. With both jaws heated, most modern barrier materials such as foils and nylon laminates can be sealed. A range of control options are available including the Star ARTICS and MkVI C controllers

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