The Star 56 range of bag sealers consists of a power pack and a set of sealing jaws designed for heat sealing products in situ or for a bag sealer to be incorporated into a parent machine. The range of sealing heads is ideal for uses such as sealing valve sacks, foil or plastic machinery covers and sealing straps onto bulk bags. We also produce a range for sealing dangerous/ toxic products where the seal incorporates a cut so no product can escape. Seal cycle initiation can be via foot switch, push button or automatic (when the jaws are closed). The power pack is connected to the jaws by a lead, allowing the jaws to be used in awkward positions. Adjustable weld and cool timers control the sealing cycle, allowing them to be used on most materials. The indicator lights on the power pack or sealing jaws advise the operator when the weld and cool cycle are complete. Special sealing heads producing shaped welds can be made for almost any application.

Bag filling machinery and equipment
  • portable heat sealer
  • portable bag sealer
  • heat sealers

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