Star 96
Bag sealing machine  - STAR UNIVERSAL (GOSPORT) LTD


The Star 96 is available as a bench mounted or free-standing bag sealer, designed for sealing bags when the product can be laid down. The Star 96 is the industry standard, sealing a whole host of products ranging from pet bedding to pharmaceutical supplies. The Star 96 is solenoid operated as standard, with foot switch operation. The solenoids close the jaws and keep them closed for the duration of the weld and cool cycle, allowing the operator to prepare the next bag. If the machine is being used quickly, the Star MkVI timer board can be set to compensate the heat built up. A variety of product support tables and machines are available on request. Constant heat machines are available for special bag materials such as paper bags. For the sealing of medical and pharmaceutical products, the Star ARTICS controller can be specified to give unparalleled seal quality and consistency.

Bag filling machinery and equipment
  • heat sealers
  • plastic bag sealer
  • sack sealers
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