“Star Burst” is a high-pressure homogenizer type dispersing device which has the great advantage to produce fine particle dispersion with minimum contamination. “Star Burst” is the ideal partner in the development of Nanomaterials and Advanced Materials by wet milling, dispersing, emulsifying, exfoliating and delaminating materials by high speed jet flow from a diamond nozzle. <Applications> Exfoliation of Carbon nanotube Liquid exfoliation (delamination) of Graphite for Graphene production Particle dispersion for Ceramic Capacitor Dispersion of Conductive Polymers (PEDOT:PSS) Dispersion of Carbon materials for Battery Dispersion of Metal oxide for CMP Slurry Pigment dispersion for ink of ink-jet printer Pigment dispersion for LCD photo resist Exfoliation of biomass materials for Nanofiber Microencapsulation for Liposome etc.

Chemical industry - machinery and equipment
  • research and development
  • high pressure homogenizers

Product features

Throughput max. 6 L/hour

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