AIR DUSTER for contact-free and non-retaining removal of dust. Dust can scratch sensitive parts when removed mechanically. Therefore a contact-free and non-retaining removal of surface contamination is very important in many circumstances. Low weight and high capacity are very important for service- or repair work – a mobile compressor in your tool-box. The AIR DUSTER is based on multiply purified inert gas. DUSTING TOOLS turn your AIR POWER PRO into a multifunctional tool for cleaning by blowing or suction action, with antistatic effect or with extensions. Advantages and Properties of the GREEN CLEAN Aerosol Technology: Very high pressure non inflammable Constant stable pressure chemically inert aero-mechanic aeromechanisch Application Advantages Antistatic Set: Material Thunderon works by ionising the gas stream Works as long as the brush itself stays clean No surface contact necessary Especially for small components, slides … Removes dust AND static electricity charging


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